Is a Dormer Loft Conversion right for me?

Dormer loft conversion in progress

Having a loft conversion is a great way to add an extra room to your house. They often don’t require planning permission under permitted development rules. So if you are looking to make extra space in your existing home, whether it be a new bedroom, home office, nursery or just somewhere to spend time on your hobbies then a loft conversion could be perfect for you.

There are however different types of loft conversions. The type you have can impact things like build time, additional space that can be created, costs and aesthetics. With that in mind, it’s important to have an idea of the differences. In this blog we look at Dormer Loft Conversions.

Dormer Loft Conversions

A dormer loft conversion is the most popular and it involves raising a vertical wall from the bottom of a sloped roof (usually at the back of the property) then extending a flat roof from the top of the current one to meet the new wall. This gives you more ceiling height and is a cost effective way of extending your attic space.

From the outside you will usually see the additional wall hung with slates or tiles to merge in with the roof tiles, where possible the building company will use the tiles from the old slanted part of roof that has been removed.

This type of conversion will give you the largest amount of extra space and are the quickest and most costs effective way of converting your loft. Both headspace and floorspace are maximised creating more space than you may have thought possible with your existing attic. As well as all this, planning permission is not usually required, but as with all building work it’s best to check with your local authority as different areas have varying rules.

Benefits of a Dormer Conversion

One of the other benefits to a dormer loft conversion is that the vast majority of work can be done from outside using scaffolding. This reduces the level of disruption as well as the amount of dust and debris that can be spread around your home. You can close of the work from the rest of your house and continue on as normal (well, nearly!).

The finished result is often a good sized light and airy room that can be used for whatever you want, dormer windows finish the look nicely and can add a feeling of spaciousness as well as helping the light flood in.

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