Choosing a Reputable North London Builder

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When your home is undergoing renovations, you want to make sure that you hire a North London builder that doesn’t cut corners. The last thing that you want to happen is paying for a building company to come and do a job, and then spending a second time for another North London builder to come and fix the job that they didn’t finish.

Hiring a builder is a stressful thing to do if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are many companies and contractors out there who are willing to put their hand up to the job you have on offer, but how many of them are trustworthy? And how do you find the right one? Below, we’ve put together our top five tips for choosing a reputable North London builder, so that you don’t make the wrong decision from day one! Let’s take a look:

Always Get Client References

If you are speaking to a North London builder who makes claims about the work that they can do, you can ask them for client references. You want as much information as possible from those they have worked with previously, and any reputable builder would be more than happy to provide those references. If there is hesitation, run the other way – you could be dealing with a cowboy company!

Paper Over Purchase

Before you seek any building quotes, you need to make sure that you have all of your paperwork in order. This includes drawings, specifications of the build and all approvals in place before you get a quote for work. This ensures accuracy in the quote that you are given. Of course, any reputable North London builder will not give you a quote unless you have all of the right paperwork, but some will add more later based on the lack of information you supplied.

The Rule Of Three

When you are getting a quote for your renovation, get your quotes from three separate builders or building companies. It would be best if you had figures to compare and potentially negotiate. Any building company worth their salt would be more than happy to work out a cost with you if they know that they are significantly undercut. It’s going to pay to remember not to go for the cheapest builder around, too, as affordable doesn’t always mean a job well done!

Check Insurance

You must make sure that any builder you speak to is fully insured, and you can ask for evidence of this. Having builders on site that do not have public liability insurance leaves you exposed, too.

Ask For A Guarantee

When you speak to a builder, ask if they have a guarantee on their work. Whether they do or not, insist in a clause on the contract that they cover all parties during and after the work is complete. You need to ensure that you are going to be safe and secure with your builder even afterwards: just in case of mistakes.

Speaking to a reputable North London builder is a must before you go ahead with your build.

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