December 2000, Barnet

Double Commas To Peter and his ‘boys’,

The roof extension looks fantastic! Wishing you a prosperous New Year. Double Commas

Jane and Adam.

December 2000, Hadley Wood

Double Commas We would like to express our heart-felt thanks for the successful completion of the 2-storey side extension and loft conversion to our home.

Having given us an estimate of 18 weeks to complete the work, you came in 2 weeks ahead of schedule, and on budget.

We have been continually impressed by the craftsmanship and demeanor of your team. Always ready to listen or explain, conducted themselves in a friendly, co-operative and pleasant manner. It was also comforting to have the continuity of a regular core team.

The whole process has been very well co-ordinated, with the maximum number of jobs happening at any on time – as soon as the plumber/ plasterer/ carpenter were needed, they were on site, and always highly skilled in their trade.

One of my major concerns at the outset of the contract, was to retain the period look of the property, matching materials and windows. I know that you went to a great deal of trouble to have the windows specifically made to match the existing metal, leaded windows, and to obtain original roof tiles. I think it is great credit to your work, that our visitors are unable to tell where the extension starts and ends.

I was also anxious about the exterior appearance of the property during and after the works. It was a comfort to me and my neighbours, that your team contained their building materials/equipment to a minimum, and did not mark my treasured lawns.

Similar standards of order were retained inside the house throughout the project, with dust sheets laid down each morning, and disruption of home life kept to a minimum. I am particularly grateful for the fact that a night did not go by when I was unable to have a bath.

It is not our intention to make further alterations in the near future, but we would certainly use you again, and recommend you to one and all. Double Commas

Mr Mrs W Morris

March 2000, London N21

Double Commas We would like to express our thanks in the way you worked and the quality of workmanship. Double Commas

Lawrence Goodman

November 1999,London N10

Double Commas Generally, thank you very much for a very well-run and speedy job – we are very pleased. Double Commas

Karen Boxer

July 1999, Hadley Wood

Double Commas We would like to add that we are delighted with the conversion and with the way that it was carried out. Thank you!
Double Commas

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Mrs H. E. Ware