Loft Conversion Ideas

Convert your north london loft into a bedroomHaving a Loft conversion in North London is still a popular choice for many home owners when they think about needing more space in their existing homes.  For many people moving house is not an option as just the thought of it can be extremely stressful and it is very time consuming house hunting.  By adding an extra room to your existing home can make a huge difference to your home and your lifestyle. And it’s not just the extra hassle, it can be a lot more expensive to move house too.

Turning your loft into a modern, beautiful, spacious and light room is an extremely functional way to get the most out of your home’s existing space.  You are pretty much starting with a big blank area so your options are limitless as to what you can create.

Some ideas before you begin to decide what to create your room into:

  • Skylights can be installed to give you extra light
  • Under floor heating
  • The latest electrics
  • Installation to keep you warm
  • Double glazed windows

These are all ideas for loft conversion in North London and what can be achieved before you even begin your room creation.

Adding stairs to your loft conversion is the first stage in the process of converting.  As the stairs are governed by building regulations getting an architect to design a style that is suitable along with the best place to install these is all in the initial development.  Sometimes the stairs will need to be constructed on site for those tight awkward areas otherwise they are generally pre-manufactured which helps keep the costs down.

Loft Ideas

Bedrooms – Lofts make ideal bedrooms, weather they become your new luxury master bedroom, children’s bedroom/s or guest rooms.  By adding double glazed windows, skylights and sound insulation the space becomes an extremely quiet and relaxing room to be in.  Adding an en-suite shower or luxury bathroom can top off this space to make it your own haven.

Study or Home Office – If you work from home then this can be a peaceful work room that will give you a feeling of separation from the rest of the house.  By adding your own small kitchen and toilet makes it is an area that you can work from for as long as you require without having to venture down to the rest of the house, so not more interruptions.

Playroom – Creating a playroom out of your loft space can allow you to become quite creative.  You can add hideaway rooms, castles, forts or separate areas for your children to make this a fun, safe and adventurous place to be.

Living Room – A loft living room is an ideal option for this space as you can create a light, spacious room that has magnificent views over the area  and even more so if you lived in a city or country area.  Not only can you create a luxurious living room from this space it can also be an ideal place to see the stars at night and get you away from the hustle and bustle of inner city living should you so desire.