Internal Pictures

At Cox Format Developments Limited we provide building work externally and internally.  Any works completed by us will be of exceptional quality to all of our customers. But we don’t stop here!

We understand that our clients are all individual’s, with their own unique wants, design ideas and lifestyle needs. Consequently, we are more than happy to provide all of our customers with expert advice and guidance, working with them to create their perfect interior once they have had their building works completed.

Whether you need an extra bedroom, bathroom, new work space, playroom or a combination of all of these to suit your growing life style our experts in this field can help you with the development of these to ensure your wants are met every step of the way. The interior decoration to your home is just as important if not more so to any new extension and will create the wow factor at the end of the job for any new addition or loft conversion to your home.

Our aim as a professional business that has been in this industry for over 30 years is to make sure that the new space created by each loft conversion or extension really works for each customer. We pride ourselves on our high standard of workmanship ensuring the internal decorating and finishing is to your satisfaction and ours. This is why at Cox Format we pride ourselves on our specialist advice and guidance when it comes to the interior decoration, along with the fixtures and fittings of any home we work on.