External Loft Conversion Images

At Cox Format Developments Limited, we understand that loft conversions add much needed extra space in your home. However, it is not just the extra internal space that is important. It is also important that your loft conversion also adds to the curb appeal of your home externally.

This is why we take as much care and consideration of you loft conversion externally as we do internally.

Loft conversions are a fantastic, cost effective way to add real value to your home. The costs of moving along with the stresses that house sales and moving involves can be hard on everyone, so if you can add a loft conversion to your home it can be the best way forward for your expanding or changing lifestyle.

Making the most of any internal space to your home is important, so it is worthwhile ensuring the design and development of an extension to your home is well thought out and works with the home owner’s needs. We understand that what your neighbours want in an extension could be completely different to what you want from your homes internal space.

Once your loft conversion is complete you won’t believe that you ever lived without the extra space inside. From the outside, the loft conversion will look as though it has always been there – a seamless addition to your home! After all, it is the outside of your home that will make that all important first impression, this is why we take as much care and consideration externally as well as internally.