Home Finishings

Once you have had a loft conversion or home extension added to your home you will need to decorate it internally to finish it off. By using our experienced team we can help you in this area so the job can be completed as soon as the works are done. We can provide you with ideas of the best way to finish your home, complimenting the completed work alterations.

Internal home finishing’s that have been finished with our experienced team will show they have taken the time to add attention to detail.  By completing your home to a high standard will not only make your home look new it will also last for many years allowing you to enjoy your new space for longer.  Any alternations and home finishing’s completed by the Cox Format Developments team, will be alterations that you will be proud to show off to friends and family.

Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have, both internally or externally about any building works you are considering having to your home.  We will give you great ideas to work with so your home can grow with your changing life circumstances.

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Below are some images of the home finishing’s we have completed over the last 30 years, and don’t forget to have a read our testimonials from our happy customer base, or visit our gallery pages for more images or the many homes we have added extensions and loft conversions too.