Loft Conversions in St Albans

We offer Loft Conversions in St Albans and the surrounding areas, an ever increasingly popular option over and above moving home. A loft conversion can create additional space without the expense, hassle or stress of having to sell your home, find another home, deal with all the legalities and actually then move. Specifically in St Albans, space is at a premium and so converting your loft space can be a better option than extending outwards.

At Cox Format we can create that extra space by turning your loft into a useable room or rooms, taking up as little of your existing space as possible to create a new stairway. We also work hard to ensure that the style and function is kept in-tact and that it fits in with the rest of your home.

loft conversion stalbans underway

Your loft space is one of the most under used rooms in your home and ca be so much more than just somewhere to store suitcases and Christmas decorations. By converting your loft you are also adding value to your home and often give you a return on your investment when you do decide to sell your property. Your attic can be turned into a bedroom, bathroom, study, playroom, an extra living space or anything else you can think of!

Loft conversions in St Albans are popping up all over the place, with more and more homeowners seeing the opportunity in converting rather than moving, or as we like to call it improve not move! In St Albans a lot of properties come with fairly limited outside space and so have a loft conversion is a quicker a less disruptive way of creating exra space without taking up part of your garden. They can also be faster to complete than a traditional extension (depending on the size and style) but we can offer this option also if it’s something that you require.

Making the best use of your St Albans Loft Conversion

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If you aren’t sure as to whether converting is right for you, then the team at Cox Format are more than happy to discuss your requirements and come up with a plan that suits your requirements. Our years of experience in this area and knowledge of local planning regulations in St Albans mean that we have built up extensive knowledge in what is and isn’t allowed and also how to create that amazing space that you want.

We can also show you examples of how Cox Format have converted other St Albans properties, in fact you can take a look at our gallery pages to take a look at some of our work. Or read our customer testimonials to see what feedback we have gained.

Some of the main triggers for wanting to move to a larger house is purely down to space, whether you’ve a growing family, need to start working from home or have simply outgrown what you currently have then Cox Format can help.

If you are considering a loft conversion for your St Albans home, then why not find out more by calling Cox Format today on 0208 449 9697.