Hillside Gardens Loft Conversion

Our brief for this loft conversion project was to achieve a large double bedroom with a separate en-suite bathroom for the owners. We were even able to match an existing stained glass design to the new UPVC double-glazed staircase window for the client.

Due to the mild weather we had at the start of winter it enabled us to progress well right from the start. The job took us just 5 weeks to complete from start to finish and finished on time. The owners were around during the day but their daily life had minimal disruption.

Right from the start of this job we didn’t encounter any problems, mainly because the work we do is closely managed and is always carried out following a standard programme of works. We manage overlaps between trades on every job very closely so there is never a day when we don’t have someone working on site.

In total we had a team of 9 different tradesmen working on this project at different times.

2 x carpenters / 1 x bricklayer to build gable wall / 1 x plumber / 1 x electrician / 1 x glazer / 1 x roofer / 1 x labourer / 1 x tiler / Plus scaffolders.

We have had several neighbours get in touch and make enquires with us based on the project since the start, with many positive leads for future work.

The householders are extremely happy with the finished results of their project and have a large double bedroom with en-suite in their now 4 bed-roomed semi detached property, which has increased in value as a result.