Wise Lane Extension and Loft Conversion

The works at this property were very extensive with a ground floor extension and a loft conversion. This property was a large home to start with which has been made even bigger with this new work. Due to the style of the home we wanted to keep its natural beauty without making it look like we had done any work to it.  We did this by giving the home a new extension downstairs that fitted in with the existing home along with a large staircase leading up to the new conversion and a skylight to allow natural light to flow into the home.

No matter what sized home you start with, an extension will add value and appeal to your property. Not only do you add more space to a home, but you also give the property an advantage over the neighboring properties when you have utilised all available living space and utilised it well.  Any extension or loft conversion will add value to a property that cannot be gained through decorating and generally they sell quicker than other properties due to the works already having been carried out.

We work with the owners of the property when we do work to ensure the disruption is kept to a minimum as much as we can, we understand that having builders coming and going throughout the property along with the extra dust and noise from the building works is a major disruption to anyone’s lives.

As Cox Format Developers Limited have been in the industry or over 30 years building and renovating homes in the North London and Hertfordshire area, we have built up a great client base and have some fantastic testimonials, see the one from Alex for this property. We pride ourselves on offering high quality workmanship and services and can help you from the start of the project with planning right through to the finish with decorating internally and externally if required.