The Avenue Loft Conversion

Here is another example of a loft conversion we have completed. Loft conversions are a way of transforming your empty and unused attic space into a more functional and if well done a natural space within your home. Installing loft conversions is a relatively complex process that requires an experienced and professional building company like Cox Format Developments Limited who have had many years of experience in building Loft Conversions and extensions in many UK homes.

Loft conversions add value to any home as they are converting your unused space into a living area without losing any of your valuable outdoor space. Whether your loft conversion becomes an extra lounge, bedroom, work or play space you will be unlocking extra value to your home that cannot be gained with re-decorating.

Our high quality conversions are individually tailored to every customer’s needs, budget and are designed so they utilise all available space to its best use, so you get the most out of your newly converted home. The benefits of a converted loft space can be felt all around as they improve the quality of the home through the extra space gained, along with adding extra value to your property.

Cox Format are more than happy to give you a no obligation free quotation on any renovating you require for your home. We have great testimonials from customers in the North London and Hertfordshire area and have a gallery of photos of many of our jobs we have completed. We have a team of professionals who can help with the design, building, planning and decorating of your home so you need look no further.

Why not take advantage of our 30 plus years of building and our great service by contacting us today for your free quote, so your dreams can become a reality.