Laurel Way N20

This large 3 bed-roomed family home in North London N20 has had extensive work to make it into a much larger home for this family. We have added a 2 story side extension which included extending the front, back and side, and we have added a loft conversion for the clients.

The side extension now has a huge family room and kitchen, plus 3 new bedrooms have been added and 3 new bathrooms. We also extended the existing bathrooms to make them bigger.

A job like this took our company 6 months to complete and cost around £300k, with the property’s value increasing by £580k. The time frame is typical for this type of large job, with our company working with the clients at all times. The job ran very smoothly and we did not come across any difficulties with the job that we were not expecting. We started the work on this property on the agreed day and completed the job on time,and when it was finished the client paid us the agreed price with no extras being charged. We pride ourselves on this!

Cox Format Developers have a lot of experience in this type of work and have completed many side extensions and loft conversions, and pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship.

The client for this home was so impressed with our standard of work they have nominated us in category 5 which is a large renovation project, for the 2015 Federation of Master Builder of the year award. They said they were impressed from the start, with the builders turning up on time and all provisions had been accounted for so there was no unexpected bill at the end of the job. They also said we were the first builders they had come across who did a very professional job from start to finish, with every stage of the build being explained to them by the builder, so they knew where they were at, all the time.