London Loft Conversions the most popular in the country

London Loft ConversionUp to 4 in 10 homes in some parts of London have a loft conversion says research compiled earlier this year. The most prevalent being in Westminster, followed by Kensington, Chelsea and Camden.

With London at the centre of the current housing crisis, property owners should be looking to make the most of their loft space by converting it into living space. The need for more space is one of the biggest reasons why people move house and so by increasing your existing space you could get that extra room or two that you desperately want and save on moving costs, as well as adding value to your home.

Many homeowners take the incentive and re-mortgage to release the funds to pay for their building work, meaning that years of saving up aren’t necessary. As long as you are comfortable with the amount of re-payments and have adequate equity within the property to cover the full cost of the work, you can’t really go wrong.

Finding a reputable building company that will give you a fixed quotation, safeguards you from running out of money as ‘extra’ costs are added on throughout the duration of the project. At Cox Format, we always promise that a price is the price you pay!

Loft Conversion Planning in North London

In the areas of Barnet and much of North London, the uptake on loft conversions is much lower than the 40% seen in Westminster with less than 10% of properties currently having had this work done already. This presents a massive opportunity for those homeowners living in this area. The Government are actively encouraging this type of work, making it easier for people to expand their homes by relaxing planning rules that may have previously put people off.

In fact, unless your proposed work impacts a neighbour or isn’t in keeping with the area then you could find your planning application a much easier process than its reputation beholds. In fact, you could see your application take a matter of weeks rather than months to get through.

So if the stress of going through the planning process puts you off then you needn’t worry. Many good building companies will help you with this anyway, so that you needn’t really get involved at all in producing and submitted any paperwork required by your local council.

So if you are contemplating moving home, why not consider a loft conversion as a most cost effective alternative?

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