Loft Conversions in North London

North London Loft ConversionThe global financial scene is leading many residents of North London to consider options like loft conversions. Even though they feel the need for more space at home, finding the ideal home under budget makes shifting quite difficult in today’s property market.

The process of looking for a new home is stressful and shifting is a costly process. In addition, the likelihood of getting an apartment or property near your work place or school is very low. A contributing reason behind this could be that more and more people are starting to understand the benefits of loft conversions.

Why Loft Conversion is a Better Idea

If you considered moving and it does not seem feasible at the moment, then making use of the empty loft space is perhaps a better idea. You can easily create additional accommodation with minimum expense. The process does not require any legal costs, stamp duty, agent’s charges or other hidden expenses.

This amazing alternative to moving is what most people in London are trying. With passing time, as families become bigger and children grow older, more space is needed. During such times, it is more practical to move up and not out.

This is an interesting way of increasing space without having to compromise the garden area. You can use the renovated attic as an extra bedroom, home office, play room, study or as a bathroom.

There is no doubt that loft conversion increases utility but it can also augment the value of your house. This home extension technique can augment the total worth of the property by as much as 20%.

Things to Consider Before Loft Conversion

After you make up your mind, it is time to sit and plan everything properly. During this process, you must consider the following things:

  • Find out whether the loft is usable
  • Decide how exactly you will use it
  • Get a planning permission
  • Check ownership rights and the property agreement
  • Design on a project design
  • Consider whether the neighbors and community will have any complaints

There are various reputable companies in North London who can help you with not only loft conversions but also with all the pre-requisite requirements.

Hire Professionals for the Job

It is not impossible to do a DIY conversion but expert help is unavoidable for some of the technical steps. It is highly recommended to hire professionals to get best result.

The first option is to appoint an architect or a technician.  He will be able to make the drawings and create designs for the proposal. He can also get the required approvals.

A more common choice is to assign the job to a specialist loft conversion company. They are specialized in this and you can expect great results. You can even rely on an experienced builder to do the job.

Whichever method you use, be heavily involved in the planning process and monitor the progress personally. You can work with the professionals to get the expected end result.

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