Loft Conversion Ideas for Small Spaces

loft conversion small space

As the UK’s most popular home improvement, loft conversions get a lot of attention but sadly, not everyone is blessed with a huge loft to convert into a functioning space that they can do whatever they want with. So in this piece, we’re going to discuss a couple of loft conversion ideas that are ideal for smaller spaces.

Hobby Space

Some hobbies require a lot more space than what could be afforded with your home as it is. Hobbies can also get quite messy, such as if you like to paint or if you need to store lots of small materials. Keep everything you need for your hobby in a single place by converting your small loft into a neat and tidy hobby space.


If you have a window in your loft then you can create a beautiful small office with a marvelous view. Keep all of your documents and materials in a single place and give yourself a peaceful and quiet area to work in.

Small Lounge

Add a television, bean bags or floor chairs and you have a nice quiet lounge where you can relax with friends and family members. You can add to the atmosphere with surround speakers, a video game console or even a mini fridge to turn it into a cinematic experience. If you have a slanted roof, then you could even mount your TV on it so that you can lay down on your loft floor and watch your TV.


A playroom is a great idea if your kids don’t have much space in the living room or in their bedroom. You can keep all of their toys and games in a single place and you don’t need to worry about cleaning up if they make too much of a mess or leave things lying around the floor.

Child’s Room

Kids don’t need much space for a bedroom so creating a child’s room is an excellent way to make the most out of a small loft. All they need is a bed, some storage and maybe a small desk and they’ll likely be content.


You can create a little reading area out of a small loft. Fill it with bookshelves, add a small area where you can lay down and relax among some pillows and fit a reading light to create your perfect reading retreat.

Storage Ideas

A small loft doesn’t need to be a living area–it could also just be for storage. With loft storage, you can put away things like seasonal clothes and linen or even use it for storing old items such as music CDs, antiques, old toys and books.

Music Room

Whether you just love listening to music or playing it, turning your loft into a music room can be a great idea. Since your loft is further away from the rest of your home, you won’t impact the rest of the house as much if you play loud music or if you decide to practice an instrument.

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