Loft Conversion Ideas to create additional space

Adding an extra room to your house with a loft conversion is a great way to increase the amount of space you have without having to go through all the stress and expense of moving home. You can use the additional space in so many different ways, so take a look at some of the ideas below for inspiration.


An extra bedroom is usually the first thing that springs to mind when considering a loft conversion. Whether you’re adding an extra family member or your children are just growing up and are no longer content to share a room, having the extra bedroom a loft conversion can provide can make a big difference.

Or if you have regular guests it can provide you with a spare bedroom for them to stay in without inconveniencing anyone else. If you incorporate an en suite it will mean even less disruption for the rest of the family.

Home office or studio

Those who work from home will really appreciate having a space that is separated from the rest of the house to work in. Apart from minimising interruptions and allowing you to ‘spread out’ and make a mess without having to tidy everything away every night, dividing your home and work space up also makes it easier to switch from work to home mode when you’re done for the day.

For artists or crafters a loft conversion can be especially suitable if skylights are included in the design to allow as much natural light as possible.


Children will love having a special place to go and play at the top of the house, with all their toys and games easily accessible. For parents, the advantage is that bedrooms (and the rest of the house) can stay tidy more easily and you’re less likely to be tripping over toys or standing on bits of lego while you’re trying to go about everyday life.

Teenagers will also appreciate having a den to escape to where they can play music or games and entertain friends with some privacy.

Family room

A loft conversion can also provide a space for the family to relax and spend time in, whether it’s to watch TV, play board games or just chill out and read a book. Loft rooms are usually very spacious and have great natural light (or allow you to see the stars through skylights at night), everyone in the family tends to be drawn to hang out there. This makes it a great place to bring the family together.

Other ideas

These are just the most common ideas, but there are limitless ways you could use your new loft space. It could become a movie room, a home gym, a place for your band to jam – anything you like and wish you currently had the room for.

If you’d like to talk over some ideas for your loft conversion, give Cox Format a call – we can help you make the most of the new space you’re creating.

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