Home Improvements that don’t need Planning Permission

No Planning Permission needed

There are lots of home improvements that can be carried out without the need for planning permission. This makes your life easier because the planning permission process can be frustrating and confusing, so if you’re looking to improve your home and you want to avoid all that stress, these are the changes you should consider first.

Loft Conversions

Loft conversions can be carried out without planning permission. They offer a great way to create an extra bedroom in the home and generally extend the usable space that you have at your disposal.

Single Storey Extensions

There are sets of guidelines for single storey extensions and if they meet the regulations, planning permission is not required. You should research them, but the most important rules are that if the extension is within 2m of a boundary it can’t be more than 4m tall and the eaves can’t be higher than 3m.

Garden Decking

Garden decking counts as a small structure that generally doesn’t require any kind of planning permission. If it’s less than 300mm in height, you’ll be fine. Decking can make your outdoor space more social and massively improve how you use your garden with friends and family. It’s especially good to have during the summer months.

Swimming Pools

According to your Planning Development rights, you’re allowed to build a swimming pool in your garden, as long as the pool doesn’t take up more than 50% if the area of the garden. That leaves you plenty of room to add a small swimming pool to your garden, or even a pretty big one if you’ve got a lot of garden space to work with.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are being added to homes all over the world right now and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the most of them too. They don’t require any planning permission and they can turn your house much greener, in the figurative sense, at least. You’ll be producing your own clean energy and reducing your energy bills at the same time.

Internal Remodeling Work

Internal remodeling can allow you to completely change up the space and conceptualise it differently. And there’s no need to worry about planning permission as long as you don’t change the structure of the building in the process. It’s amazing how many huge changes you can make to your interior space by remodeling it completely.

Doors and Windows

Adding new doors and windows to your home doesn’t require any planning permission. So, if you need to add more light to your interior space, this could be a good way of doing it. Adding big patio doors to the back of your home can completely open up the home to the outside space and link those two areas together better than ever.

There’s so much that can be done to improve your home without having to acquire planning permission, so be sure to consider these home improvement options going forward. They each add something new and important to your home.

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