Decorating your house after a loft conversion or extension

Decorating with coloursIf you are adding a new extension or loft conversion to your home you may decide it is time to decorate the rest of your home to match your new addition.

As colour plays a critical role in making your house a home you want to make sure you use the right colours. With the touch of your favorite colours, you can very easily personalise your home. When people walk into your living area, they should be able to connect the interior with your personality.

When you are decorating your home with colour you need to feel comfortable with our choice, as it is all too easy to mess up. You want to be proud of your home so making the choice that is right for you will make you feel like you completely own the place.

White and off-white are the safest options that most people use to colour the walls. However, you can easily personalise with light pastel tones, without making the house look too bold.

Spring Colours

The arrival of the Spring season has urged everyone to think about all the beautiful hues there are. Before you invite colours into your own house it can be a good idea to make sure that there are ways to absorb the beautiful colours of nature into your theme. The best way to do this could be to have wide windows. Some people like to have plants inside the house which of course is a nice touch and it can give your home a soft touch.

You may be someone who is in love with bold bright colours, or someone who prefers the modern muted hues. Irrespective of your colour preference, there are ways to decorate your residence in the right shades.

Remember, you want it to suit your style and also make you feel good every time you walk into the home.

The first step to this game with colours is to select a palette of your favorite colours. These colours can include the darkest black, a vibrant yellow or a subtle blue. You may even have a tonal preference.

After that, create a nice colour scheme using your selection.

The first step is usually the walls as they cover most of the room. You can select a single colour, stripes, patterns or even a print. You might want to choose something that matches your furniture.

The immediate next step is to get chairs, cushions and rugs that match the colour scheme. Some people prefer to choose contrasting colours.

After introducing a pop of colour, it’s time to personalize with lamps, photo frames and posters.

You may want to make the living area very colourful and select soft neutral hues for the other rooms. That is alright, but make sure that there is a bit of consistency between all the rooms.

Do not neglect the kitchen. A zing of fun colours to the kitchen will make cooking fun. You can get cute cooking utensils, bowls, spoons and knives to match the interior.

While decorating the interior will convey your personality to guests, it is also essential to give the exterior a makeover too. This can be as elaborate as re-painting and as simple as adding a statement show-piece. You can buy a nice welcome mat to match your mood. You may even get a cute name plate.

If you are stuck you can always speak with the interior decorator and get ideas from them on what they suggest would work well with your new addition!

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