Cox Format at the Lord Mayors Show 2016

Cox format at the 2016 Lord Mayor show London

The Lord Mayor’s Show is a long established London tradition loved by all, held annually to celebrate the appointment of a new Lord Mayor. Over the centuries the Lord Mayor’s Show has become a City highlight in representing all that the City of London has to offer and what it inspires to.

What is the Lord Mayor’s show

The Lord Mayor’s Show dates back to the 16th Century. A new Lord Mayor is appointed every year and a street procession is held to celebrate their inauguration. The position of Lord Mayor has its own role within the City. The City of London is London’s main financial district which is also known as the Square Mile. The position of Lord Mayor is often confused with the position of Mayor of London, the two are very different. The Lord Mayor’s role is entirely centred to the City, whilst the Mayor of London is the elected head of the Greater London Authority.

The Lord Mayor’s show is a carnival street procession which celebrates traditional British pageantry.

The procession starts in the City and ends in Westminster. This represents when London and Westminster were two small towns separated by open countryside. The quickest and safest way to travel from either was via the Thames. The Lord Mayor’s Show originally was on the Thames, hence his famous flotilla and QRB Gloriana (a traditional Thames barge). Dating back to the 16th Century the Lord Mayor’s barge would travel the Thames accompanied by a procession of traditional Thames boats from London’s Livery Companies.

What is a Livery Company?

The City of London Livery Companies comprises of London’s modern and ancient trade associations and guilds, believed to have been formed around 1066. Almost all of London’s Livery Companies are styled as “The Worshipful Company of” followed by their respective trade/profession/craft.

Modern day Livery Companies celebrate and maintain contacts with their original trades. There are currently 110 Livery Companies in the City of London.

The qualification “City and Guilds” stems originally from qualifications supported by Livery Companies.

Who are the Worshipful Joiners and Ceilers Livery Company?

Cox Format Developments Limited were a proud sponsor for The Worshipful Joiners and Ceilers Livery Company at the Lord Mayor’s show. The Worshipful Joiners and Ceilers Livery Company is one of the most historic trade guilds of the City of London going back to the 14th Century. The members of The Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers are wood craftsmen which cover the crafts of wood joinery to wood carving. The Worshipful Joiners and Ceilers Livery Company’s primary task is to promote and protect the traditional crafts of wood carving, cornices, wood and ceiling panelling, etc.

The Worshipful Joiners and Ceilers Livery Company regulates trade practices by promoting education and training and its charitable arm supports these skills.

Cox Format Developments Limited takes pride in our craft. We support The Worshipful Joiners and Ceilers Livery Company in their quality of care and support to this trade, in particular it is vital that traditional skills are kept within the workforce/building and construction sector.

If you missed the Lord Mayor’s Show, click on the attached link to watch The Worshipful Joiners and Ceilers Livery Company.

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